Bjios Consultation

Putting patients at the heart of our care.

Patients care and privacy is our utmost concern.
Designed with patient-centricity in mind, patients are assigned to a consultation room and attended by a doctor of their choice or the most appropriate doctor for their presenting condition.

Patient-sharing for optimal care.

Our senior specialists are renowned in their individual subspecialty and offer extensive expertise in areas such as musculoskeletal tumours, spinal care treatment, joint replacements, trauma, foot and ankle treatment and sports-related injuries. Patient-sharing is a common situation at BJIOS. This means that patients may be seen by more than 1 doctor during their visit. This allows patients to receive optimal and outcome-based decisions.

Start-to-End Patient Care

Our team of clinical staff will assist you at various touchpoints – whether you are scheduled for a surgery, require post-operation physiotherapy or radiology needs for diagnosis.

Bill Settlement

We accept various modes of payment, including cash, cheque, NETS, bank transfer (GIRO/ FAST payment), PAYNOW, Medisave and major credit cards. For patients with corporate and private insurance, please inform our staff during your visit.