Letter of Guarantee(LOG)

You will need to produce a valid and completed LOG during your clinic visit if your medical bills are covered by your company. We are not able to accept LOG from any company or insurance company that does not have a prior credit arrangement with BJIOS Orthopaedics.

Our Insurance Partners

Bjios MOH
Ministry of Health
Bjios Medisave
Bjios AIA
AIA HealthShield Gold Max
Singlife with AVIVA
Bjios AXA
AXA Shield
Bjios Great Eastern
Great Eastern Supreme Health
Bjios Ntuc Income
NTUC Income Shield
Bjios Prudential
Prudential PruShield

BJIOS Orthopaedics and BJIOS Day Surgery is Medisave Accredited.

This means you can authorise us to make deductions from your Medisave account for Outpatient Scans and Day Surgery procedures. You will be able to use Medisave (up to $300 per patient per year) to pay for outpatient scans used for diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition. For more information on Medisave and Private Integrated Plans, please visit the MOH website.

Bjios Adept
Bjios Alliance
Alliance Medinet*
Bjios Fullerton Health
Fullerton Healthcare
Bjios IHP
Integrated Health Plans
Bjios MHC
MHC Asia Group

*AHC (Medinet Prestige/Platinum) / AXA (MediSmart) / GEL (SupremeCare Scheme) / NTUC (Alliance-Medicare) / PRU (PRU Priority Plus)

Bjios AIG
AIG Asia Pacific Insurance
Bjios AXA
AXA Insurance
Bjios Bupa
Bupa Global
Bjios Cigna
Cigna Life Insurance
Bjios Manulife
Manulife (Singapore)
Bjios Tokio
Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore

Using Baby Bonus NETS card at BJIOS

BJIOS Baby Bonus Approved
Baby Bonus
OCBC Baby Bonus Card
OCBC Baby Bonus Card
POSB Baby Bonus Card
POSB Baby Bonus Card
UOB Baby Bonus Card
UOB Baby Bonus Card

We are an approved Baby Bonus Institution. This means you are able to use your child’s CDA (Child Development Account) saving funds for their medical expenses. CDA funds may also be used for the child member and/or his siblings*.

*Documentary proof (i.e. birth certificate) is required if the patient is using his/her sibling’s CDA account

Do inform our staff about your insurance coverage during registration. We might request to view your insurance card (if any) for verification.

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