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  • Rotator Cuff disease and tears can be repaired using minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques followed by aggressive rehabilitation
  • Fractures involving the upper end of the humerus (arm) are becoming more common in the elderly and MIS fixation allows early use of the shoulder important for activities of daily living
  • Tumours of the arm are not uncommon and can be treated by a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery such as replacement by a megaprosthesis implant


  • Degenerative disc disease can often be debilitating especially in the sedentary office worker or executive, whose neck (cervical) or back lumbar) segments cause nerve impingement; Early treatment with physiotherapy, injections and pain blocks can be all done within BJIOS Orthopaedics; major surgery are still performed in the Hospital
  • Deformities like scoliosis and spondyltisthesis usually involving young adolescents need attention early with bracing, spinal therapy and sometimes major spinal deformity correction surgery using rods and screws
  • Osteoporotic fractures often occur in elderly sedentary women can lead to severe limitations of daily activities and end up bedridden; this can be corrected with early attention to treating osteoporosis with medication and spinal exercises at our BJIOS-Physical Therapy centre


  • Overuse injuries like “tennis” elbow, “golfers’” elbow, biceps ruptures can be treated by physiotherapy, taping, and instructions on training and playing; recalcitrant cases require ultrasound-guided injections and minimally-invasive radiofrequency ablation
  • Fractures involving the lower end of the humerus or upper end of the forearm are common in both young
    and old and more often than not disrupts the complex elbow joint requiring accurate early reduction and internal fixation with anatomical plates
  • Rheumatoid disease of the elbow is best treated with total joint replacement which is an acquired surgical skill