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Imaging : Moment of Clarity.

As part of our service commitment, we provide high standards of care and comfort. Herein BJIOS, we have our own imaging department to perform X-ray and MRI examinations. This helps reduce the need for you to visit external radiology centres, hence saving precious time and cost of travelling. With this integrated set-up, your visit to the doctor is seamless and hassle-free.

Our comprehensive range of equipment include, NRT Adora RF, Esaote O-scan, GEMSS Spinel 12HD and Philips Affinity 50.

Introducing our machines:

NRT Adora RF

The NRT AdoraRF is a versatile X-ray system that can be used to perform static X-rays, serial imaging and low dose fluoroscopy. It enables an unprecedented level of flexibility, automatic movements and presents significant qualitative benefits for our patients. This state-of-the-art equipment originates from Denmark and it the first to be installed in Asia. The X-ray dose requirements are lowered due to the stringent Scandinavian quality standards.

Esaote O-scan

The Esaote O-scan is a dedicated MRI machine that is used to perform extremity MRI examinations. This equipment originates from Italy and is the first machine installed in South East Asia. Unlike conventional MRI machines, this unit is designed such that only the region examined needs to be positioned in the machine, while the patient lounges comfortably in an ergonomic chair.

In summary, our patients benefit from lower radiation doses, a more comfortable MRI experience, and shorter waiting times.

Image Intensifier: GEMSS Spinel 12HD

GEMSS Spinel 12HD_bjios_image intensifier

The GEMSS Spinel 12HD is a purpose-built fluoroscopy unit designed for use in the operating theatre. It uses a Flat Panel Detector (FPD) instead of the conventional Image Intensifier (II) to give high resolution images without distortion. Using a large Focus-to-Detector Distance enables the C-arm to have a free space of almost 880mm diameter for the unit to manoeuvre around the patient seamlessly. The system can also deliver pulsed fluoroscopy, which enables lower radiation doses delivered to the patient while capturing dynamic images.

Ultrasound: Philips Affinity 50

Philips Affinity 50_ultrasound

The Philips Affinity 50 is an efficient and reliable ultrasound machine that we use to perform musculoskeletal sonography examinations. The system delivers superb contrast resolution, spatial resolution and outstanding tissue uniformity. It also features the Tissue Specific Presets (TSPs), which automatically adjust over 7500 parameters to produce excellent image quality, which translates to an accurate diagnosis.

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