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Myanmar Orthopaedic Society, 47th Annual Scientific Meeting


Date: 4th October 2015
Event: Myanmar Orthopaedic Society, 47th Annual Scientific Meeting
Venue: Sky Star Hotel, Yangon

Upper Extremity Fracture Management by Dr. Khong Kok Sun

The 47th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Myanmar Orthopaedic Society was convened in Yangon from 2-4 October 2015. In conjunction with this meeting, a workshop in Upper Extremity Fracture Management was conducted on 4th October. Dr. Khong Kok Sun was one of three overseas faculty invited to give lectures on fractures of the upper and lower end of the humerus. A hands-on workshop using the latest implants on plastic bones was most well-received by the 40-plus participants who ranged from young residents to department heads. The workshop was supported by Dupuy-Synthes representing the Swiss AO Trauma organisation.

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