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Date: 3rd September 2016
Event: Modern Techniques of Imaging for Musculoskeletal Injuries By Dr. Khong Kok Sun


Many of today’s solution for problems of the human skeleton are available throughout the world. These include excellent diagnostic imaging, effective medication, physiotherapy and surgery. However as with all branches of medicine, there are rapid changes in technology especially in imaging so as to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. In BJIOS, our automatic Xray machine includes fluoroscopy for lowering radiation dosage, Extremity MRI without claustrophobia and Ultrasound allows same-session diagnostics. Larger scans such as CT scans and PET scans are done in the state-of-the-art facilities at Farrer Park Hospital. In the field of surgery, BJIOS has its own Day Surgery Operating Centre where many operations on the foot, ankle, hand and knee, as well as spinal injections are performed on premises. Farrer Park Major Surgery Suite has the latest equipment for more complex operations requiring hospitalisation. The speaker will outline the recent developments and techniques from simple ultrasound-guided injections to major limb salvage operations carried out in BJIOS Orthopaedics one-stop centre as well as in Farrer Park Hospital.

Advances in Management of Fractures and Ligament Injuries Fracture Treatment in Teenagers By Dr. Winston Chew YC

Many advances in the last few decades have changed the way surgeons manage fractures and ligament injuries in the hand wrist. Dr Chew will be sharing the advances in technology, implants and surgical techniques for ligament reconstruction as well as fracture management.

Sponsored by QST, Malex Medical, Bauerfeind and Gen-Y.